‘It was like NBA Jam and I was on fire,’ Duron Carter says after impressive Saturday game – Saskatchewan

Three days after their victory over the Argonauts, the Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to practice on Tuesday, and Duron Carter was still very much the centre of attention.

Carter’s stats alone on Saturday were impressive — nine catches, 131 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Riders to a 38-27 victory.

Receptions are not awarded style points, but if they were, Carter’s performance would be off the charts.

“The only way I could describe it is, just like NBA Jam and I was on fire,” Carter said after practice, referring to the popular video game series.

The catch by Duron Carter on Saturday has been discussed across the football world as possibly being one of the best ever. (Mark Taylor/The Canadian Press)

His touchdown late in the first half blew up Twitter as fans, media and players debated whether it was the greatest catch ever in a football game.

And how has the 26-year-old receiver handled all the attention?

“Oh, just the same old stuff — you know, playing video games, cooking some food. Nothing’s changed.” 

But he did check his phone every now and then, just to “poke and prod a little bit,” as he described it.

“I had to hold back sometimes. I see people getting into arguments on which catch was better. It’s crazy.”

Duron Carter was still the centre of attention on Tuesday, following his performance three days earlier against the Argos. (Glenn Reid/CBC News)

The only person it seems not overly excited about the catch was Duron’s dad, Cris Carter, the NFL Hall of Famer.

“Nah, he sort of kind of expected it. He was just, like, ‘finally,'” Duron Carter said.

Carter with Paige Hansen, a 12-year-old cancer survivor, after Saturday’s game. (Submitted by Michelle Hansen)

Which was likely more of a reference to Duron’s season — which up until Saturday was flying under the radar.

But the junior Carter also grabbed story lines for what he did with the ball after the catch — giving it to 12-year-old Paige Hansen, a cancer survivor.

“I kind of have my own backstory with them from camp,” Carter said on his relationship with the Hansen family.

“They’ve always been around and they’re so jolly and so happy, they remind me of me,” he said.

“They always sit right there in front and I told them if I scored in this end zone that I would give them the ball. I consider them great friends. She’s an amazing little girl.”

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