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Banks have become the most sought out places to work in with banks expanding not only in the form of increased number of branches, but also in the shape of increased financial services. It is found that with the evolution and development of e-commerce, banks have largely embraced the IT sector with more jobs that play an important role in the effective organizational functioning. IT qualification gives you the opportunity to work in a globally developing banking industry, with even routine transactions like cash withdrawal, deposits, drafts and overall checking being done with the computer enabled technology.

It is worthwhile to note that it is the employment of IT graduates that has helped banks to significantly contribute towards net banking facilities and IT infrastructure that is necessary for growth and development. A graduate in IT; computer science, hardware and software management has made it possible to get competent persons with excellent troubleshooting skills and with a good understanding of internet and intranet operations. It is IT personnel that are specialized to also handle electronic peripherals.

It is again significant to note that banking jobs offer lucrative packages, with some offering attractive medical, leave concession, leave travel and other dental, retirement and pension packages. In addition benefits in terms of loans without interest/very low interests also form attractive benefit packages. The IT jobs in banks are many and it is significant to note that with globalization and development of IT services the scope for IT graduates in banks is going to increase by leaps and bounds.

Technology is something that banks have to embrace and make an integral part; it is technology that helps banks to establish their superiority over other banks and also helps them to bring out quality services and products. An IT graduate with a sound knowledge of hardware and software technology can be easily utilized both as a fresher and experienced job aspirant.

They could be utilized as IT specialists to perform managerial tasks and also provide the technical expertise and assistance for those using these services. These IT specialists also perform the job of making sure to avoid illicit IT usage and also scan them for potential threats both in the hardware and software usage. Further they could become IT managers and be responsible for the administration of the bank’s intranet connections, telephones, VoIP systems and the bank’s local…

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