It Is His Battle,He Is Merely An Instrument

It Is His Battle,He Is Merely An Instrument

The life’s battle is being fought by the Lord from moment to moment.

In His hands the warrior feels himself to be merely an instrument.

The Lord uses him to achieve His mission and goals.

He is the best warrior to take him on the path of success.

Surrendering everything to the Almighty the warrior always feels within serenity and tranquility.

The Lord takes all care to win the battle.

Being a devoted child of the Lord he is sure that He will make him successful.

Lord even can not see a sparrow’s fall as he is all merciful.

From moment to moment the warrior in each effort feels worries and anxieties.

But he surrenders all those to the Almighty.

Thus always remaining in a state of bliss sincerely he discharges his duty.

The Lord blesses him being pleased with his dedication and sincerity.

The warrior never succumbs to worldly worries and anxieties.

Remaining calm and with undisturbed nerves he drives his life boat with utmost accuracy.

He never cares any adverse winds which he sees being taken care of by the Almighty.

Happily he surrenders to the will of the Lord and sees in everything and being His beauty.

The Lord uses him merely as an instrument to win the battle.

He feels the touch of the divine hands in each bit of his activity.

He sees the Lord standing by his side giving him courage and confidence and filling each activity with beauty.

Looking to the Lord inside his machine he feels His presence in every bit.

If it is defeat he never laments for it.

He feels that Lord has better plans to find success in defeat.

Whether it is happiness or sorrow,success or failure he thinks everything belongs to Almighty.

He becomes totally relaxed thinking that the Lord is taking care each bit of his whims and fancies.

With a calm and beautiful mind he feels like serving the Lord.

In each bit of his thoughts,words and deeds he finds His chord.

The chord moves through all…

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