Isolocity Now Offers Comprehensive ISO 9001 Tool Set in a Single Resource

Isolocity’s Quality Management Software now includes all the ISO 9001 features, letting organizations easily manage quality in both process improvement and ongoing business processes.

The software lets QMS professionals, project managers and others automate quality management steps so that organizations can increase efficiencies without sacrificing end results. In fact, Isolocity helps generate more accurate results and includes features that assist with project management and statistical process control.

The ISO 9001 components in Isolocity include functions for managing supply chains, human resources, documents and risks. Equipment maintenance, corrective action reports, part inspection and internal audit reports are also included, as well as features that support client management, order intake, calibration maintenance and engineering drawing management. All of this functionality is built with SMBs in mind, but the solution is flexible enough to scale, meeting the needs of larger enterprises. One user noted that Isolocity keeps paperwork from accumulating and makes sure communication stays in one place, and that working with Isolocity support staff is a pleasure.

The additions to Isolocity mark another growth milestone for the company, which has spent the past few years developing a product that meets the growing QMS needs of organizations in a range of niches. “We’re very excited to have come this far in less than two years,” says Chris Budd, Isolocity CEO. “I think it demonstrates how willing we are to keep building and improving the software over time.”

These new additions let Isolocity users check an important business and quality management box. ISO 9001 certification is internationally recognized and helps companies maintain high-quality and continuous improvement, which in turn boosts…

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