ISIS convoy stuck in Syria after US airstrikes block it

A convoy of ISIS militants found itself with nowhere to go after getting stuck Thursday in Syria following U.S.–led airstrikes that blocked it in.

More than 300 militants and their families were in the convoy of buses after vacating the Lebanon-Syria border as part of a Hezbollah-negotiated deal to transport them to an ISIS-held town in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border.

The deal has angered Iraq and the U.S., which launched airstrikes Wednesday to block the convoy’s advance.


“They’re on the move. They’re trying a different route; we’re watching all the way through,” Col. Ryan Dillon, the American coalition spokesman, told The New York Times. “If ISIS wants to continue to send known ISIS fighters and vehicles toward this convoy, we will continue to fight them.”

After being stuck for hours at an exchange point, the buses moved further north to a government-controlled area while negotiations continued in search of a new way to reach an ISIS-held area further east.

Earlier in the day, ISIS handed over to Hezbollah the body of a recently captured Iranian Revolutionary Guard member as part of the deal.

The Lebanese Hezbollah group, which negotiated the controversial agreement, said it had received the body of Mohsen Hojaji and would conduct DNA tests before sending his remains onward to Iran. The handover was reported by the Hezbollah-run…

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