iSign’s Cloud Based iCheckin Secure Visitor Platform

iSign International

iSign’s Cloud Based iCheckin Secure Visitor Platform

This week iSign International, an international digital communication company dedicated to developing solutions to help companies achieve greater autonomy over their communication channels, officially released the latest version of iCheckin. iCheckin is an integrated visitor tracking solution and communication platform that improves visitor tracking and management of those visitors. iSign International additionally provides 100% biometric authentication to eliminate the need to remember passwords and incorporates end-to-end dynamic Public Key Infrastructure in every communication message. The key pairs are constantly changing each time a message is sent or received.

iCheckin incorporates:

  • SMS and Email notification when a visitor checks in or has waited beyond set time
  • eChat, provides encrypted file sharing and chat messaging within the organization
  • Administrator access to all of your company’s access points with visitor data.
  • iCheckin also provides dynamic and interactive electronic document signing with Geo-based signature and mobile check in capability via iSecure WiFi AP

“The iCheckin system is easy to use and very user friendly. My staff and volunteers were able to get a quick demonstration and started using it right away. The system allows us to easily track our patients, see the order in which they checked in and how long they had to wait to be called for the registration process.“ said Karla Miley, Access Services Manager, Providence Willamette Falls Hospital.

Karla Miley continued, “The staff at iSign are wonderful to work with, they are quick to respond to emails and phone calls and have taken our feedback and make…

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