iSign Launches iSecure Protector to Protect Computers and Servers from Hackers with Impenetrable Security

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iSign Launches iSecure Protector to Protect Computers and Servers from Hackers with Impenetrable Security

This week iSign International, an international digital communication and security company dedicated to developing software solutions to make computers and servers impenetrable from hackers, officially released iSecure Protector 2017, iSecure Protector Enterprise 2017, and iSecure Protector Server Edition 2017.

iSecure Protector 2017 is an enterprise network monitoring tool for consumers to block suspicious ISPs and IP addresses.  iSecure Protector blocks all incoming connections to your computer; therefore, making your computers impenetrable.  To access websites and view information on the Internet, iSecure Protector intercepts the network packets your computer software are sending out and visually displays information where your data is being sent to.  Giving you the ability to block the ISP and future IP Addresses belonging to that ISPs or to individually block single IP Addresses.

iSecure Protector Enterprise 2017 is for small to large businesses to monitor their employee computers with a centralized cloud-based monitoring tool that is protected by 5-Factor Authentication (username, biometric signature, device, dynamic device token, and GEO location) and dynamic PKI encrypted communication.  Get real-time network communications for all computers being monitored.  If there is a suspicious ISP/IP Address that appears, you can block it for that particular computer and also transmit a blocking message request to all other computers; making every computer up-to-date.  If an employee is browsing a site that they are not suppose to, administrator has the ability to block it remotely.  Should the employee attempt to remove blocked IP Addresses, it will alert the administrator via email or sms of an attempt to remove blocked IP Addresses by administrator.

iSecure Protector Enterprise Edition 2017 is built to protect your Linux and Windows servers.  This version actively monitors both incoming and outgoing network data.  As more and more servers are in the cloud, they will need to be protected by blocking off remote connectivity.  By leaving the connection open for future access, it’s inviting…

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