Isabel Healthcare Announces the Latest Version of Its Unique Machine Learning Based Symptom Checker

Isabel Healthcare provides machine learning based tools for clinicians and patients

“The Isabel Symptom Checker is the only machine learning based patient tool which has undergone close to two decades of training and testing”

Isabel Healthcare announced it has released the latest version of its machine learning based Symptom Checker tool. Healthcare organizations and plans have turned to the Isabel Symptom Checker (IsabelSC) to help their patients answer basic questions as part of their patient engagement strategies:

  • I am sick; where should I go to get better?
  • I have been to the doctor and am not getting better; I want to understand other possible conditions that may be associated with my symptoms
  • I have been diagnosed and I want information on treatment, drugs, possible outcomes, etc. for my condition
  • How can I get information to my physician prior to my visit?

The IsabelSC is also unique as it is the only symptom checker adapted from a professional tool currently being used by over 200 healthcare institutions across the USA.

The latest version of the IsabelSC expands on the unique features already provided in the previous versions:

  • Unique triage feature based on the severity of a patient’s signs and symptoms; age; onset, duration and progress of symptoms; pain level; impact on daily activities; response to medications; and presence of other long-term conditions (other symptom checkers require the patient to self-diagnose)
  • IsabelSC is the only consumer tool that allows input with free text natural language to describe specifically how they are feeling (not forcing the user to pick from a pre-defined and limited list of symptoms, a cumbersome avatar or to answer 25 to 35 questions)
  • Each diagnosis provided is also linked to consumer level medical information (tailored to each organization’s resource library), providing the user with up to date, and understandable information

The latest version adds features such as responsive design (will run on any phone, tablet or laptop without the need to download and constantly update an app), enhanced API integrations, updated triage algorithms, and access to additional evidence-based resources on all devices, making branded…

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