Is Your White Label Email Provider Reliable?

The reliability of your white label email provider is very important as it can facilitate your enterprise or simply be a disaster. An unreliable service can do serious damage to your personal and professional security. There are some ways to tell if the service provider you are using or considering is reliable or worth it. Here are a few ways to see if they are all they say they are, and not attempting to compromise your security.

Beware Of Spamming

The security risks from your white label security email provider starts with simple spam messages. These are more than just annoying, they can lead your contacts to not listen to your later messages. If you are using your email for business purposes, this can affect your bottom line. Continuous spam messages from your account will mean that you have lost a potential or current customer. If the email provider is sending spam messages from accounts, this will generally show up on a quick internet, or testimonial search. If you even think for a moment your account is spamming then make sure to look into it and switch to a new host.

Malicious Software

Some email providers will take this spam up to a more dangerous level. By sending certain messages with downloads or links, you may be inadvertently opening the door for malicious software on your computer. These software programs can damage your computer in many ways. First, they can steal personal, professional, and fiscal information stored on your computer, and send it to a third party. It can also cause general havoc to your computer. The program may imbed itself in important files, or delete serious programs that are integral to the protection of your software. Malware and viruses are common riders with spam.

So How Do You Know They Are Reliable?

There are a few ways you can see if your white label email provider is reliable. The first is to check their testimonials. If they have a good list of customers that can provide good references, they are likely reliable. If…

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