Is there hope for humans in an AI world?

Rosenberg asked the perspective-alerting question: Why can’t we create new interfaces and algorithms to connect people into artificial swarms, modeled after swarms in nature?

I’m not talking crowdsourcing like we humans do with polls and surveys. I’m talking about forming systems: real-time systems, with feedback loops so deeply interconnected that a new intelligence forms, an emergent intelligence with its own personality & intellect. I’m talking forming a ‘hive mind.’

“An alien intelligence is heading towards us at breakneck speeds —and it will be smarter than us. So what do we do?” Louis Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Unanimous A.I., posed this perspective-altering question to the sold-out crowd of more than 4,000 attendees gathered for TEDxKC on Friday, August 18, at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City, MO. The ninth annual event – sponsored by VML and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation – is the largest independently organized TEDx event in North America.

Reflecting this year’s TEDxKC theme — “Perspective: Where You Stand Matters” — Rosenberg challenged attendees to consider the real and urgent dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) while offering a solution: a new form of AI modeled after swarms in nature. Using this approach to AI offers humans an opportunity to amplify human intelligence, not replace it. It may hold the key to keeping humanity human.

Watch Rosenberg’s TEDxKC talk online: New Hope for Humans in an AI World

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Our next evolutionary pressure point

Rosenberg explained this alien intelligence isn’t rocketing through space. Rather, it will be born right here on earth, a sentient AI that will emerge from a research lab where billions of dollars are being invested to create artificial brains made of billions of artificial neurons. “An alien will arrive and it will be smarter than us. And when that happens, it will be our next big evolutionary pressure point — one that will require us to get smarter, much smarter, or lose our position as the top intelligence in our environment.”

So what do we do?

Rosenberg has been personally concerned…

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