Is Synthetic oil right for the new Tundra?

This is a question I hear all the time — “I just got a new Tundra and I want to treat it right — should I use synthetic oil? If so, should it be full synthetic or synthetic blend?” Unfortunately, the answer is complicated. Generally speaking, because synthetic oil has fewer impurities, better properties at high temperatures, slightly better viscosity, and it is more resistant to breakdown than regular oil, synthetic is better for AN engine. However, whether or not it’s better for YOUR engine depends on a few things.

To start with, do you follow the rules and change your oil regularly? If you’re diligent in changing your oil, you’ll probably never see one of the biggest benefits of synthetic oil. Because synthetic oil is resistant to breaking down over time or over under extended use, it’s the best oil to have in your engine if you forget an oil change, or, if your oil changes happen more than six months apart. However, if you’re changing your oil regularly and at the proper mileage you’ll never be in a situation where your engine is at risk from worn-out oil. Evaluate your maintenance schedule to determine if you would benefit from synthetic oil use.

For example, think about a person who only drives 3,000 miles per year. They may go more than a year without changing the oil in their car. As oil ages, it’s effectiveness decreases, and if it gets old enough it will break down and the motor will no longer be protected. In this case, synthetic is the logical choice. Also, if someone accidentaly goes past the recommended 5,000 mile oil change interval without changing the regular oil, it will start to “fall-apart” and the engine will be at risk. If you or someone you know might forget an oil change, synthetic is a good way to limit your risk.

If you’re good at changing your oil on time, there’s really only one other common reason you would want to consider using synthetic. As natural oil gets hot, it starts to breakdown. The longer it stays hot, the worse the…

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