Is Paid Surveys a Scam? The Real Deal on Answering Surveys Online

If you stumble upon an offer that says you will be rewarded for answering a series of questions, you can’t help but have doubts. Is paid surveys a scam? As much as you want to take advantage of the easy money, you have to be realistic and admit that things are not always as easy as it seems.  There are others before you who have tried their hand at these paid surveys.  Read on and learn how you can do things right and succeed in earning good money through paid surveys.  

The Wrong Approach

It is important to understand what you’re doing. Most of those who conclude that paid surveys are not profitable have no idea what they’re talking about. Perhaps, it’s only because they lack the patience to do the kind of work necessary to get bigger earnings.  You cannot expect to make it big with just a couple of surveys.  Neither can you expect to get more surveys if you do not respond sincerely to the surveys that are given to you.  Most importantly, you cannot expect to get paid if you do not follow the rules.   

Some Tips

  • Sign up for as many survey sites as possible.

Registering for multiple offers is advisable. The more surveys you respond to, the better. However, you should ensure that what you are signing up for are legitimate sites.

  • Create an e-mail that you will use only for these forms.

These paid surveys are usually delivered through your mail.  If you expect a deluge of orders, you have to make sure that they do not get lost in all your other emails.  Having a dedicated email account just for your paid surveys is the best way to manage your incoming survey orders.

  • Don’t pay or allow yourself to be lured by sites that are “free to try.”

Avoid promotional surveys by certain websites. Usually, these groups will ask you to fill up a form or two then after that, they’re done with you if you don’t sign up for their premium services.  These initial surveys are totally free and seem to be very attractive at first.  But, they are not going to give you the stream of income that you expect if you do not pay them to field paid surveys to your email.

Stop asking “is paid surveys a scam?” It’s not.  You have to be patient in building your account.  Most online companies pay members only when they have reached a certain amount.  It’s impractical for you and for them to pay you as you complete every survey. Keep answering surveys and soon enough, you will see your account growing.  Think of it as having a payday after a period of…

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