Is Neopolitan pizza a world national treasure? We’re about to find out

You might think you’re reading The Onion, but here’s breaking news that’s not fake: Italy has petitioned a United Nations agency to give Neapolitan pizza World Cultural Heritage status.

More than 2 million Italians, who clearly have far too much time on their hands – or too much pizza in their hands – have signed a petition requesting this special status for a special food.

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will vote Monday in Seoul, South Korea, on this critically important international issue – assuming war doesn’t break out on the Korean Peninsula first.

If it sounds crazy to put pizza on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, consider the fact that the geniuses at UNESCO have already given six other kinds of food items such revered status.

The lucky winners on the list are the Mediterranean diet, Turkish coffee, Croatian gingerbread making, French gastronomy, Mexican cuisine, and washoku (a collective term for traditional Japanese food).

Hey, what else do the U.N. bureaucrats have to do? There aren’t any more pressing world issues to deal with, are there? Or am I forgetting something?

Now you might expect me to fulminate against the silliness and…

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