Is Becoming A Day Trader Right For You?

You’ve probably been doing some reading about what day traders do and how they make a living, right?  Buying and selling stocks within minutes to hours for profits that can compound quickly is a very tempting way to make money either part-time or full-time.  But, will working as a day trader at home be right for you?

The idea of having a day trading business right in your own home office, working on your own terms is an attractive proposition for many.  Lets take a look at the advantages of this occupation.

Of course, the biggest improvement over a regular job is having no boss.  Nobody to give you orders and no one to hold you back from earning more. If you become a good day trader, the only person that can limit your progress and income is you, your attitude, work ethic and trading psychology.  More on that in a moment.

None of that nasty office politics to get involved in anymore.  Does anyone really enjoy it? Don’t think so.  As a day trader, you can walk into your trading office with a cup a coffee in the morning, prepare for the trading session and not have any interruptions from co-workers or even employees if you were self-employed owning a regular business. Just peace and quiet.

Feel like taking the day off or going on a vacation?  Not a problem, turn the computer off and you’re ready to go.  Try doing that with a corporate job or standard business.  It’s a bit more complicated to take time off, isn’t it?

 And, if you are self-employed now with a brick and mortar business, you know how dealing with employees, customers and those occasional visits from inspectors can be a real hassle, right?  None of that with day trading.  As a day trader you are on your own.  None of these pressures or hassles are present. 

The start-up costs to become a day trader are ridiculously low compared to the potential income that can be made.  Compare it to starting most b&m businesses and all the complications that go along with it, like hiring/training employees,…

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