Irresistible and Exciting Nouakchott, Mauritania

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by the Western Sahara in the North the beautiful county for Mauritania is humble place in West Africa which is quite the hidden treasure of the world. Its great history and culture is as rich as any other great tourist destination of the world. Fascinating and picturesque sights, the fun loving locals, countless opportunities for adventure and making memories and so much more which you will only appreciate once you visit here, give this place one sure shot of making on the list of hottest places in the world.

The holiday season is just right and if you want to avoid all the popular places where there is always a rush yet still want to have a great vacation then look no further as Nouakchott in Mauritania is the place for you. Packed with beaches, cultural centers and a culture quite unique to this place, Nouakchott is one splendid place ready and able to cater to all your traveling needs. We are offering cheap flights to Nouakchott from the UK so that you and your loved ones can avoid all the old places and still has the most enchanting time.

The first place you want to crash are the amazing and one of a kind beaches of this magical city. Described by many as simply paradise the beaches are unspoiled gifts of nature. The clear blue ocean holds treats of its own. Relaxing and soothing, these beaches will make you forget about everything else as you enjoy the cool and refreshing drinks of the nearby situated restaurants like the very popular Les Sultans. We recommend the Plage de Nouakchott for its undeniably spectacular view and some great water sports and adventure opportunities which are provided there by numerous clubs.

After the beach another amazing attraction of the auspicious city is The Port de Peche. Colorful fishing boats are lined up along the nice beach for your pleasure. At night this place comes to life and the beautiful lights in these boats under the starry sky is one sure romantic spot. Have a mouth watering treat from the fresh catch of the day or take a walk on the pier to enjoy and indulge in some cultural festivities but be sure not to miss this great place in Nouakchott.

There is no time to waste and if you want an amazing vacation in the heart of west Africa where the ocean meets the sun and the world of culture, an extraordinary place where even the white sands of beaches bring joy to the heart coupled with amazing all year round weather and countless adventures for you to…

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