iPod Touch – Everything You Need When You are on the Go

When it was first conceptualized, the iPod was an amazing little device. What used to require stacks of CDs and access to a CD player now could be harnessed in a tiny little drive that would hold thousands of songs. Then the iPod evolved. The iPod Touch has everything you could ever need in a portable device. The current model holds up to 60GB of music, pictures, songs, and data. Via WiFi access you can download apps and surf the Internet. Plus Apples revolutionary FaceTime feature is now available on this model. FaceTime allows realtime video chat. Apples incredible retina display makes this model show your videos, pictures, and text with amazing clarity and color.

You can also throw out your cameras. iPod Touch has both video and photo capabilities. Apple proudly boasts that this model can now shoot video in High Definition, making it stand above its competitors. iMovie allows users to edit videos on the go. With AirPlay, users who have secondgeneration Apple TV can instantly stream videos, photos, music, and movies to their television sets, providing entertainment for the whole family.

The new game center allows users to play games instantly with family and friends. It keeps score and even allows players to team up against other iPod Touch users they have never met. For serious gamers, the new threeaxis gyroscope makes the device especially sensitive to movement from users during video games. Because of this sensor, this model now has greater precision and more motion gestures. It is similar in design to the iPhone, but one millimeter thinner, which also makes it lighter. Like the iPhone 4, iPod Touch has both a front and rearfacing camera, allowing for easy selfportraits. But the best feature is the app store. Apple boasts more than 350,000 apps and games in its store, many of which are free. Need to make a grocery list? Download a free app. Looking for a great hair stylist? Head on over to the app store. There’s even an app that turns into a flashlight.


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