IPL T20 Cricket – The Story of an Incredible Marketing Success


Indian Premiere League has passed a great way during the last four years. It has taken a great role in taking Indian cricket in the highest stage of the world. However, it was started only four years ago and only a couple of years ago it could not be even imagined. Truly, the success of IPL t20 cricket has reached to its top level. No other tournaments are there that is enjoyed with such extent of excitement. Like Indian followers IPL cricket game has also a global audience. Through this tournament India has got a great recognition in the platform of world cricket. The full credit goes to BCCI, the organizers of Indian Premiere League, who has made this dream come true.


The audiences are mesmerized with this tournament, and they like everything of tournament. Here is a step by step analysis on why IPL cricket game has got such a success:


1. Quality of Cricket: It is not a denying fact that the quality of cricket presented in IPL is of world class. Apart from ICC World Cup tournament there is no other tournaments where so many world class players take part. It is really great to watch so many top class players showing their skills. In fact IPL is considered as the platform where the highest level of skill is needed. If you judge in the extent of quality sports skill, it is just after the world cup football.


2. Fanfare: IPL tournament is just breathtaking with its appearance. The fans really don’t want to miss a single glimpse of the match. It can take you to the adrenalin leaving level. As a result, it has got the highest level of fan following. It’s true that t20 cricket has the highest numbers of fans in comparison to the other format of cricket. To add more, it has a large numbers of teenagers and young fans who are crazy about cricket. They come at the stadium in a large numbers, make noise to support their favorite team, and cheer up the players with applause. All these make the tournament a great place of enjoyment.


3. Glamour: It is probably the most important reason that helps the tournament to get marketing success. There are different IPL teams which are owned by bollywood film stars as well as business tycoons. They increase the glamour of the tournaments. Thanks to the organizers who have become able to bring so many glamorous people under a single roof. IPL is creating a magnetic attraction just because of its glamour. A large portion of the fans visit to the field just to watch their favorite film stars. Truly, you can…

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