Don’t be in a rush to dump your old iPhone for the new ones, suggests Jefferson Graham, from the Apple event in Cupertino, on #TalkingTech


PASO ROBLES, Calif. — Sorry folks, the Apple assault isn’t over. It’s just getting started. 

On Tuesday, the company invited journalists and analysts to its new, sci-fi themed spaceship campus in Cupertino to show off new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch. 

In the next week, products start hitting store shelves, along with an important software update that brings new features to your older phones and iPads.  


ICYMI, here’s the skinny. Apple released three new phones, with the headline grabbing iPhone X getting the most ink. It’s the largest iPhone ever, at 5.8 inches and the most expensive, starting at $999. It features a beautiful edge-to-edge OLED screen, eliminating the bezels on the side of the phone, and scraps the physical home button. And it has a controversial new way to unlock the phone—with your eyes, causing all sorts of privacy concerns. (If you don’t want to use FaceID, you can always just type in a passcode.)

Meanwhile, that phone won’t be out until November. 


What’s being released Friday Sept. 22 are the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are updates to last year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They have glass backs, faster processors, the ability to buy a new $59.99 accessory for wireless charging and for the 8 Plus, an improved camera (says Apple) that shoots better images in low light.  Wireless carriers have responded with new deals for shoppers. 

Do you really need a new iPhone? My Talking Tech video report attempts to answer that question. 


Meanwhile, Apple’s new $399 Series 3 Watch adds cellular connectivity, meaning you’re no longer tied to the iPhone for listening to streaming music or answering a call. But it will cost you $10 a month for an extra wireless plan once the promotions from the carriers end. 

And if none of the new iPhone features make you want to ditch your old phone in a hurry, but you still want a new one, good news: Apple has lowered prices on older models. We’ve got the complete guide here, with commentary on which phone could be right for you. For bargain hunters, it’s hard to beat the…