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This Tuesday, Sept. 12 (AAPL) Apple will unveil its highly anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone. And while the notoriously secretive company isn’t giving us any information about the handset — we’re not even sure if it’s going to be the iPhone X or iPhone 8 or if we’ll see both — that hasn’t stopped plenty of leaks and rumors from hitting the web.

And it’s thanks to the never-ending drip of those leaks, and a bit of insider information, that we’ve been able to put together a near-complete picture of what Apple plans to serve up with the next iPhone.

These are the top 8 updates we expect from Apple’s iPhone 8. Or is it the X? You know what, after reports from this weekend, we’re just going to go with iPhone X.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone X and iPhone 8 at an event on its Cupertino campus on Sept. 12.

Edge-to-edge display

The biggest trend in smartphones is the edge-to-edge display. LG has done it with the G6, and Essential has done it with its own phone. Samsung has done it with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, and now Apple is expected to do the same with the iPhone X.

Judging from renders and case manufacturer leaks posted online, it looks like the iPhone X’s display will look more similar to the Essential Phone’s in that the display will run all the way up to the top of the handset and wrap around its front-facing camera.

The larger display would allow for a greater viewing area, which means developers would be able to show more of their apps on screen at once. That’s more space for your Snaps (SNAP), Instagram (FB) Stories, oh, and Netflix (NFLX).

OLED screen technology

Beyond just blowing out the edges of the iPhone X’s display, Apple is reportedly using a completely different technology for the handset’s screen. Rather than the usual LCD backlighting used in previous iPhones, Apple is expected to use OLED.

Both have benefits and drawbacks, but the main reason Apple seems to be moving to OLED is that the technology allows for more vibrant colors and deeper blacks versus LCD panels. That said, OLED displays can struggle in bright lights such as direct sunlight.

Samsung and other manufacturers, though, have been using OLED panels for some time and managed to work out such issues. What’s more, OLED panels can offer battery improvements, since they turn off individual pixels when creating blacks.

Facial-recognition camera

The iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display means Apple will have no place for a physical Home…

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