iPhone 7 vs Original iPhone: Apple Users Have Spent Billions Of Dollars On Repair In A Decade

The first generation iPhone turned 10-years-old Thursday. Since the first device, there have been 10 subsequent iPhone generations released. The series is currently on the iPhone 7. To commemorate the iPhone milestone, the breakability test team SquareTrade compared the the first iPhone to the most recent to demonstrate how much technology has developed between 2007 and 2017.

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In a dunk test, the IP67 grade water resistant iPhone 7 easily outperformed the original iPhone, which was rendered unuseable as soon as it was submerged. However, both models succumbed to a face down drop test on the first attempt.

According to SquareTrade, iPhone owners have spent more than $14 billion repairing and replacing handsets in the last 10 years. The team discovered that Apple smartphone were six times more likely to damaged in some fashion than to be lost or stolen.

Among surveyed iPhone users, 27 percent damaged their devices on vacation, 21 percent damaged their devices while playing a sport, 18 percent damaged their devices while drinking alcohol and 15 percent damaged their devices while taking photos.

Users also commonly damage their iPhones while multitasking or when handsets fell from less than three feet. Devices also often break when they have a screen protector or phone case.

Among those most likely to damage their iPhone, include skydivers, heavy social media users and people who regularly walk, bike or user public transportation.

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