ipCapital Elucidates VelociData’s Valuable Patent Portfolio

FIG 1.

In Q4 2016, VelociData, Inc. (“VelociData”) engaged ipCapital Group, Inc. (“ipCapital”) to analyze its current intellectual property (“IP”) position on the landscape related to its stream computing business. VelociData also asked ipCapital to use the results of this strategic IP analysis to advise VelociData on IP business strategy moving forward.

ipCapital’s findings were unexpected and extremely positive in that (1) VelociData ranks sixth in a group of giants, (2) VelociData was one of the founders of the industry and was mapped as one of the best across the entire ipLandscape®, and (3) with their new innovations (FIG. 1), VelociData will dominate the space!

Exegy (http://www.exegy.com/), VelociData’s sister company, now uses technology licensed from VelociData in the financial market data space, enabling more than one trillion dollars of transactions daily. VelociData is poised to use its well-mapped, founding portfolio with its new innovations to drive similar changes in retail, defense, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and energy generation and distribution. Additionally, Velocidata is ready to drive changes in high volume brands’ use of the Internet (e.g., Netflix leveraging high-volume high-velocity video network data), which will rely largely on VelociData technology.

ipCapital recommends VelociData as a high-value premiere technology with significant portfolio assets.

Key Findings

1.    VelcoiData ranks 6th in a group of giants

ipCapital analyzed VelociData for U.S. utility patents and the relevant portfolios of stream computing companies using a framework of the “IP landscape” to determine a strategic assessment of the stream computing business. The unexpected but substantial results were that VelociData ranked #6, with 11 patent families, in portfolio size among leading stream computing companies. The leading companies in this space are: IBM (70 patent families), Microsoft (55 patent families), Intel (33 patent families), Cisco (20 patent families) and Google (18 patent families), for patents filed since 2000.

2.    VelociData was one of the founders of the industry and was mapped as one of the best across the entire ipLandscape®

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