iPad Sales Keeps Maintaining Revenues for Apple while There Are No New Apple Devices Released

An AAPL investor says that sales of iPad will still remain in a steady state in the next two quarters, and totally can fill the vacancy in the market before Apple releasing next generation iPhone and Mac. Of course, this view has powerful evidence, the sales of iPad in Amazon. With the launching in more than 90 countries, the sales of iPad will be better and better.

Besides, Barclays Equity Research, a stock market research institute believes Apple’s market cap, which stands at $531.28B in current time, will see further gains, even next generation iPhone and Mac have a couple of month to be released. The investment bank left its AAPL price target unchanged at $750, giving the stock an overweight rating due to strong iPad and iPhone demand, the market still belongs to iPad.

Meanwhile, Barclays Equity Research said the latest studies suggest that tablets are the “primary mobile device with which large retailers intend to equip sales associates over the next three years,” analyst Darrin Peller wrote. By 2015, more than 2.7 million tablets will be shipped in North America annually for use in retail and hospitality industries, the note said, that tells us that but to transfer photos from pc to ipad to enjoy and other entertainments, iPad will play more important roles in all kinds of industries.

It must have reasons that iPad can maintain and underpin the whole marketable value for Apple when other iDevices can’t contribute anything. We not only just can watch DVD movies if we know how to transfer dvd to ipad, not all these things for pleasure, people and companies prefer iPad for some more important reason, which is iPad is very useful to run business, to simplify hard work, to make people have a more wonderful life. That’s why iPad is so popular in the whole world, of course, its fashionable appearance is the first attraction to users, after all, when we plan to buy a product, the first thing is to consider “is it beautiful”?

The newest launch plan of new iPad in thirty countries has declared the great demands to this product all over the world. Certainly Apple will earn a bunch of money, and prop up revenues for Apple. According to Apple’s Latin America and Caribbean country selection, This Friday marks 23 more places that the new iPad can be legally purchased, including Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malta, Martinique,…

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