ipad™, Keeping You Connected with your Family, Friends, and Business for Life

Cloud storage is a popular mode of storing data and communication with the world. Over the years, cloud storage solutions have facilitated communication by fostering engagement as well as cooperation across the globe in real time. ipad™, a service that was launched in 2007, is the brainchild of RXD Media’s founder, Brian Clements, who simply wanted to connect and synchronize individuals as well as groups within this rapidly growing field of communication and information technology. Brian Clements said, “I wanted to develop a cloud storage service and solution that could bring a large community of people, individuals, and businesses together. I worked on my idea and had immense faith in the concept. As a result, the ipad™ service has continued its growth as a bonafide cloud storage solution.”

ipad™ was developed with a mission to become the most efficient, engaging, and user-friendly cloud storage service worldwide. “We also believe that we can support the growth of businesses and organizations by giving them cloud storage for storing their critical data,” said, Keith Clements, the CEO and President of RXD Media. Apart from the business solutions, ipad™ also targets the large section of families living abroad or away from their loved ones at other distant locations. The ipad™ service offers one community where families and friends can unite, bond, and share their work, music, videos, pictures and even save all of these on to the cloud storage space.

The ipad™ cloud storage solution offers virtual storage space in the cloud and allows users to restore data whenever they want to. “We give a dedicated solution to our users through our cloud storage service”, said Keith Clements. He also added, “Our product is useful in creating a backup as and when needed. Also, it allows users to sync as well as restore their data at any time from any device.”

In this fast-moving world and owing to phenomenal changes in technology, data storage is a major cause of concern for people. In general, the ipad™ service offers users the ability to back up everything that is important with ease. Regardless of the type and size of the file, you can store it online in your cloud, synchronize it whenever needed, and restore it for immediate use. Even on the go, the ipad™ service does not let you…

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