iPad App Developers On The Way To Build Magazine Apps for the Apple Bookstore

When it comes to iPad application development we generally assume that develop once and upload on the App store people will download that and you will get one time payment for that, that’s all.

Have you ever been thought that some iPad apps can give you a steady recurring income after selling it? Yes, there are magazine apps which are capable to earn constantly whether you let download for free or paid. So how’s that possible? When you create a new issue of your digital magazines and will send out push notifications to your app users they will pay for that issue and you will get income from it just drop-by-drop!

When you have to manage an iPad application development project for a magazine you have to keep some important hints in your mind like you should have a relevant name of your magazine app or if you are running a print edition keep that name for it. You should have a logo or can use existing logo of your print edition and cover image.

Unlike print editions iPad app developers are free to publish iPad magazine at their wills, but sticking with a regular period is the best policy for issues. Like paper edition you can use advertisements in your iPad apps either your own ads or can sell ad space to monetize your app. Other options are that you can use existing advertising network or sell the products straight from your magazine app on the iPad. Of course for that you have to integrate some payment methods and security measures, but return will good at the end.

In compare to paper editions iPad magazines can consist multimedia content apart from the photos like sound or various audio formats and videos. Moreover, you can place many interactive content using dynamic coding in you iPad app programming so you will have live dialog with your audience and audience will like your magazine more. If you think how to collect the money from the iPad magazine app users that is absolutely solved by Apple as it automatically handle your billing and renewals, etc. just sake of some percentage.

As we have stated earlier that we can place interactive content in our iPad magazine and can do iPad apps development accordingly so like web page user will tap on the video and see the play seamlessly on the page of your iPad magazine. Unlike print, you can place images or photos in a gallery format and can do iPad apps programming such a way that your users can see scroll view, overlay view, grid view or a list view of your photo gallery.

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