Inventor Notebook Can Be Your Best Weapon To Fight A Patent Case

Inventors notebook is simply a notebook where the inventor that is the researcher, or the engineer or scientist keeps the daily records of his or her inventions or researches. This can be very helpful for re-doing the process. In the inventors note book, every detail about the process of experimentation and how to go about it is mentioned with minute clarity. An inventors’ notebook is the most reliable source to re-develop a particular product. Following the inventors’ notebook is the most scientific way to follow his or her day to day progress in the research.

In case of patent services, an inventors notebook can have immense importance. Patent is the set of law that gives the right to the owner of an invention to sue anyone who is using the product or parts of it without his or her written permission. Typically, patent is awarded on first-to-inventor first-to- apply basis. In case of first-to-invent a patent, which is currently available in USA, an inventor notebook can be the best possible written document to prove who invented the product at first. In the inventors’ notebook, an inventor writes down each and every step of his invention with date and in some cases, also with the time. Each page with the detailed record of each moment’s progress is duly signed by a third party. This ensures the value of the inventors’ note book as a legal document.

When it comes to a case of proving who first invented a particular product in the court, an inventor notebook can make you lose the case easily. If the dates noted in your book point to dates later than a same kind of well documented notebook, produced by the other party of the claim, then it will surely act against you. Or if your notebook implies that you have done some work on the same invention 3 years back and have not patented or progressed with that in the next years, then too the case will surely go against you. Thus in case of patent services, aninventor’s notebook can become a very crucial…

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