Introducing Bizzy, Your Trainable Workplace Assistant

Bizzy is an enterprise bot that consolidates your AI needs to a single interface for your users, allowing them to ask for services across your organization

H3 Solutions, Inc., industry innovators in Office 365 solutions and cloud services, today announces the availability of Bizzy, a multifaceted, trainable bot for use in Microsoft Teams. Bizzy is both curious and capable. And that’s because Bizzy is a teachable, scalable, enterprise concierge. You train Bizzy to do things. Bizzy remembers, and takes those tasks off your plate.

How does Bizzy know what to do? Bizzy is trained by you using Microsoft Flow, an app that comes with most Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. No code is required because Flow is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop automation tool. Flow opens the door to everyday workers to automate their work tasks then teach them to Bizzy. Once Bizzy knows a Flow, simply ask him to complete the process and he will. Bizzy “humanizes” business processes while removing the need for expensive bot development.

Thanks to Flow, third-party applications can also be integrated into Bizzy’s tasks. Product companies across many fields are building Flow connectors to access their offerings. You can create a Flow that integrates a CRM entry in Salesforce with a ticket in Zendesk then makes a record of it in a SharePoint Online list. More connectors become available in Flow each day. Simply train Bizzy with these Flow connectors and he is off and running.

Native integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) provides Bizzy with even more brains! LUIS helps extend Bizzy Flows beyond simple keyword requests. Full, vernacular sentences are interpreted in terms of their intensions. LUIS can learn and adapt, making Bizzy’s logic and skills grow as well.

“We created Bizzy in response to the ever-growing need for organizations to get faster access to information and make efficient, better decisions. This should be done directly from where they are collaborating with others and getting their work done. Microsoft Teams is providing that channel,” said Mick Herres, EVP of Technology at H3S. He continued: “Bots are convenient and AI is being embraced by more of the C-Suite in organizations….

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