Internet Marketing Strategies – Get Ahead of the Curve

One of the ways people have been able to have success in business is to be ahead of the curve…to recognize when something is going to be hot and to act on it before everyone else does. That is one of the great internet marketing strategies, too. So where can you be ahead of the curve on the internet? With podcasting! Podcasts are the traffic of the future.

You probably know how important I think list building is…everyone who is on my list certainly knows it. I talk about it over and over and over. So think about this, if you can start your list more easily and quicker than someone else because you take action NOW…would that be a smart thing to do?

Of course it is. Well with podcasts you can get started fast-they are basically free to do and super simple. And they are still in the early days…kind of like websites were maybe 10 years ago. A lot less competition which means you will have an easier time getting your audience…building your list.

Let’s talk about how you get rated or ranked with podcasts for a second.

Podcasting is based more on the music industry than the internet, so it is a bit different. They have charts and you get 5 star ratings and comments. Well, iTunes knows how many of your listeners have taken the time to rate your podcast as five-star and how many people have subscribed.

So it you are giving great content and you encourage your audience to go to your pages and rate you as a 5-star or 4-star podcaster and leave comments, then over time you will get a nice group of 5-star ratings.

Fast forward a year or so…maybe you have 60 5-star ratings and 5,000 subscribers…that’s not an outrageous goal…you might have 20,000 or even 70,000 after a year.

But let’s say I’m new on the block in your niche and decide to take you on. I put up my podcast and I go give myself a 5 star rating. Cool…I have 1 subscriber and 1 5-star rating.

Now who do you think iTunes is going to rank higher in its search engine, me…the guy who has been around for like 10 minutes and has one subscriber…or you, the guy or gal who has been around for a year and has 60 5-stars and 5, 000 subscribers?

I hope it is obvious that you will just dominate it…nobody is going to knock you off. And if you are in the first couple spots on iTunes you are going to get way more clicks and downloads than if you are the 50th person.

So be smart, use your internet marketing strategies for success–no matter what niche you are in, you can use podcasting and be ahead of…

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