Internationally Renowned Pop artists, BTS Celebrate Their Fourth Anniversary as a Band Worldwide Fan Effort Results in Billboard’s, Bus Ads and An Electronic Banner in NY

NASDAQ BTS Billboard in NYC Times Square

“BTS Fan Events are happening simultaneously in Iran, Thailand, Peru, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Paraguay, many cities in Seoul Korea as well as the United States.”

World renowned music artists BTS, tomorrow celebrate their fourth Anniversary as a band. With internationally viral videos and an ARMY of fans pushing the band to unprecedented fame, BTS thanks fans for the well wishes releasing a steady stream of content since the end of last week. The fan frenzy has caused #4yearswithBTS to trend Worldwide.

The fan effort to wish BTS a Happy 4th, has resulted in ads on buses, online on YouTube, BTS themed restaurants, pop-up stores, and impromptu fan gatherings to sing BTS songs. In China, where KPOP music and entertainment is banned, the Chinese BTS ARMY bought seven stars for each member, sponsored BTS music to play in cafes around Seoul and purchased a rolling ad in NYC’s Times Square which began on Saturday on the corner of 43rd and Broadway, on the Nasdaq Ad site which runs a few times an hour and on the Thompson Reuters building which runs at the top of every hour and will run on loop on Tuesday 6/13 .

Also, the American media, who recently got to know them up close and personal when they appeared at the Billboard Music Awards, have joined the fun in wishing congratulations to BTS:

Billboard Music Awards

Good Morning America



Here’s a list of some of the countries who have purchased billboards, bus ads, restaurant banners and the electronic signage in Times Square in NYC.

CHINESE BTS ARMY: Bought the TImes Square ads

PAKISTAN BTS ARMY: purchased bus ads and a pop store

UK BTS ARMY: gathered for an impromptu song fest…

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