Intelligent, Affordable and Fiduciary- Financial Advice Gets a Makeover

Pefin was built to make sure anyone could access true fiduciary advice, from planning and saving to investing, in a way that only acts in their best interest.

Pefin, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) financial advisor, announced its launch today. The platform provides intelligent, unbiased and personalized financial planning and advice. Pefin’s mission is to look after the financial best interests of its customers in a way that embraces the unique individuality of their lives.

The platform offers:

1. Long-term Financial Planning services, including a complete Financial Plan

2. Financial Advice, including savings and debt management strategies

3. Investment Advice and Portfolio Management Services

4. Real-time monitoring, updates, and curated financial literacy content for each user

Pefin takes into account each user’s current financial situation and future plans, incorporating their financial behavior to offer comprehensive advice. Individuals and families link financial information such as their credit card and checking accounts, debt, investments, and retirement plans to the platform.

An interactive chat experience helps customers plan for life events that matter to them – from kids, to college, to a new home, to changing jobs, all the way through retirement. Pefin’s AI uses this information to craft a detailed financial plan, showing customers if their plans are affordable. It then provides advice on how they can save to achieve their goals, when they should repay debt, whether investing is appropriate and if it is, how they should invest. Over time, Pefin learns from the user’s unique spending behavior and personal preferences and automatically adapts, updating the user’s financial plans and advice based on their actual behavior.

Pefin’s AI is capable of making 80-year financial projections and keeping up with 2-5 million data points per user, 24/7, including changing rules, markets, and lives to provide accurate, real-time advice. Unlike other services, Pefin does not insist customers invest through its platform, but if chosen, it tailors each portfolio to help them achieve their plans. In today’s data-driven environment, security is a natural concern and Pefin utilizes military-grade encryption and…

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