Instabridge For Android Short Review

Is there simple approach to share your wi-fi network without giving out your password?, yes you can and this free application for Android instabridge may be the answer. Many people are familiar with the use of wifi in our life. In the office, home, or public place there’s a lot of wifi spot all over the place. Many people use password to avoid some unwelcome person use their wifi network either at open place, office or house. Nevertheless this creates a bit of trouble when someone we recognize require to use our wi-fi network.


Some time the password is simply too confusing or very long making it confusing or perhaps contain uncomfortable word when you don’t have any idea what your username and password are going to be and use any word that came to your head. If you’re sick and tired with this particular thing then you probably would like to try instabridge. This app for Android allow you to share your wifi connection and giving access to anyone you wish without giving your username and password away.


With simply one button, you are able to share with your close friend, family, or other people to run the same wifi network straight away. Even when you at a public place like coffee shop, eating place and other location you can simply share the network you are using without giving any password. If your friend get this application too, you only need to connect and all of your good friend will also connect easily using one tap. on the other word, when your friend make use of the same application, share it with you, and also you share it too then you can certainly get a wide range wi-fi hot spot in your town.


For those who use wifi at your home, with this application you can view every unit that connect trough your wi-fi such as your coming friend or family. Nevertheless to run this option all the other device must install this application too which makes somewhat not flexible enough. However, if you want easy method to share your wi-fi connection this application is definitely the answer for you. You don’t have to worry someone else access your device information because this application only share the wifi connection from SSID, BSSID, or password. 



Moreover, this app has facebook feature for you so that you can easily create a list from your facebook friend to share the connection with instabridge. For instance if you are at your friend house and want to use his/her wifi network, then you can simply login to facebook and click on a…

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