Inspired Spine Presents Two Research Studies on the OLLIF Procedure at North American Spine Summer Meeting

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Compared to other spinal fusion procedures, the OLLIF cut the surgery time and hospital stay by over half and reduced blood loss by over 87%!

Inspired Spine’s Dr. Hamid Abbasi presented two research studies at the North American Spine Society Summer Meeting held in San Diego CA on July 26-28 2017. The meeting attendees included spine surgeons from all over the world

The first research study presented was entitled, “Oblique Lateral Lumbar lnterbody Fusion (OLLIF): A Comparative Study of Perioperative and Clinical Outcomes.” The OLLIF minimally invasive spinal procedure was shown to have lower complication rates and improved outcomes compared to the open equivalent procedure. The patient sample included 292 OLLIF surgeries performed to treat degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, lumbar scoliosis, listhesis and disc herniation.

Unlike other minimally invasive approaches, the OLLIF does not require direct visualization of the vertebral level being treated, a facetectomy or a laminectomy to facilitate the procedure. In this study, the OLLIF reduced surgery time and post-operative hospital stay by more than half and reduced blood loss by over 87%. Substantial statistically improved patient outcomes were delivered by the OLLIF as compared to the open procedure.

The second research study presented was a poster entitled, “Economic Performance of Oblique Lateral Lumbar lnterbody Fusion (OLLIF) with a Focus on Hospital Throughput Efficiency.” For this retrospective study, 69 OLLIF cases were compared to 55 open TLIF cases (controls). Across all of the surgeries studied, the average post-operative length of hospital stay (LOS) for OLLIF surgery patients was 41.5% shorter than the LOS for TLIF surgery patients. Converting LOS to actual inpatient operating costs of the hospital, demonstrates these LOS costs to be $6,701 for OLLIF and $11,583 for TLIF – hence, OLLIF delivers a 42% savings with respect to post-operative in-patient hospital stays vs. that which corresponds to TLIF patients.

The study concludes that the cost reductions and substantially faster recovery times associated with the OLLIF procedure make it an appealing alternative to the traditional…

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