Inside the madcap mind(s) of BYU-related Twitter account Boney Fuller

PROVO — With the football team taking a bye week, it’s time to investigate one of the major mysteries surrounding BYU sports.

No, not the disappearance of the Cougars’ offense.

The conundrum we’re examining is this: Who in the heck is Boney Fuller?

If that name isn’t familiar to you, then you probably don’t have a Twitter account.

And if you are one of @boneyfuller’s 11,000 followers on Twitter, or have seen @boneyfuller’s work on the popular social media site, he’s probably either made you laugh out loud or infuriated you.

Given the Cougars’ dismal 1-3 start to the season, @boneyfuller is providing some BYU fans with a way to smile amid their tears.

Boney Fuller’s greatest hits

While @boneyfuller is a satirical account that revolves mostly around BYU sports, the original Boney Fuller was a former Cougar football player. According to the BYU football media guide, Boney Fuller lettered at BYU from 1922-1926.

A couple of BYU fans turned his evocative name into an enigmatic Twitter handle that launched in August 2014. They enjoy good-naturedly skewering BYU opponents, opposing fan bases and opposing players.

Leading up to last September’s first-ever meeting between BYU and West Virginia at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, for example, @boneyfuller lampooned a West Virginia tourism video, featuring plenty of footage of people riding pigs, that’s been viewed more than 89,000 times.

Even Mountaineer fans responded positively.

“Gotta admit, this #BYU fan account @boneyfuller is hilarious,” tweeted @GoldAndBlueZone. “I guess Mormons have a sense of humor after all. #WVU #BeatBYU.”

“How is this guy cranking out high quality dank memes about WVU. I want BYU in the Big 12 for @boneyfuller alone,” tweeted @McBeeWVU.

One of the inspirations behind @boneyfuller is @FauxPelini (Fake Bo Pelini), a parody account owned by an anonymous Nebraska fan living in Chicago. It has about 584,000 followers. When the Cougars played the Cornhuskers a couple of years ago, @boneyfuller and @FauxPelini exchanged messages.

The people behind the @boneyfuller account granted the Deseret News a rare interview, but it was done via email, of course, to protect @boneyfuller’s anonymity.

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