Input Club Announces Sponsorship Agreement with Denial eSports

Denial eSports

The partnership between Input Club and Denial will bring some of the most advanced keyboards coming onto the market to the eSports market. Many of Denial’s existing fans are already interested in high-performance gaming peripherals and the community-driven projects that Input Club has led are perfect for those fans. Denial will promote, through its professional players and streamers, Input Club’s products such as the WhiteFox Kickstarter campaign launched this morning.

Working closely with Denial, Input Club will be able to get player feedback as part of its design and development efforts to create the next generation of high performance keyboards. Denial players will get direct access to the Input Club engineers and will help them understand the demands of high-end gaming and work together to discover how keyboard software and hardware can be tuned to help them perform at the highest levels.

Denial eSports is one of the fastest growing and strongest professional gaming organizations in North America. Denial’s accomplishments include 2015 Call of Duty World Champions, 2015 Gears of War Pro League Champions, Halo 20k Anniversary Champions, 2016 Rainbow Six: Siege Champions, 2017 Guildwars 2 Champions, and 2016 ESEA Premier Champions, among others. The team was founded in 2012 and has recently brought on investors to continue to grow and stake its claim as a top-tier team. Denial has opened a team house in Corona,California to better connect with the partners they work with. Check them out at or @Denialesports on twitter.

Denial’s CEO, Robby Ringnalda, says, “I am looking forward to working with the team over at InputClub. They have the enthusiast market nailed and I look forward to helping…

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