Innovative Technology Platforms for Omni-channel Retail Now Available from Snowfall Technologies

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We are helping some of the best known retail brands by using sophisticated analytics to create human-like interactions online.

A unique combination of operational expertise and marketing technology prowess has inspired Dallas-based entrepreneur Jeff Zisk to launch his new company, Snowfall Technologies LLC (“Snowfall”), today bringing two new sophisticated SaaS solutions to omni-channel retailers. Snowfall has created Jazz Central, a distributed order management (DOM) solution built on a modern technology stack to provide retailers with a complete set of omni-channel features and functionality in a single platform. Additionally, Mia, the company’s AI middleware technology solution, is designed to enhance the customer’s shopping experience, marketing, merchandising and operations by “thinking and behaving like a human.” Mia uses both structured and unstructured data to personalize the shopping experience and provides tools to intelligently target shoppers and create significant operating efficiencies.

“I’ve started several companies in the retail tech space in the past twenty years and have seen some incredible advancements, but nothing has peaked my interest more than the possibilities retailers now have to leverage data and artificial intelligence. We are helping some of the best known retail brands by using sophisticated analytics to create human-like interactions online,” explains Jeff Zisk, founder and chief executive officer of Snowfall. “We think we are on the forefront of what e-commerce shopping should be.”

According to Internet Retailer, e-commerce sales continue to climb with August 2017 showing a 14.2 percent growth over the prior year. The National Retail Federation (NRF) also states that consumers are reporting an optimistic outlook for the 2017 holiday season, yet the retailers’ fight for conversion and margin continues. Today’s consumers use multiple touchpoints, both physical and digital, as they take a path to making a purchase, which results in complex challenges in marketing to them in a personal way. Snowfall’s solutions address these issues in…

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