Innovative Product Solves Pesky Camping Problem The Cooler Tray™

Ice-Olate’s The Cooler Tray fits in the bottom of this cooler and allows ice to melt through the holes keeping food dry, location and date not specified

The product solves a lot of those problems dealing with your food cooler

Utah-based inventor and entrepreneur Bryan Kendrick, founder and CEO of product design company, Ice-Olate™, has created a simple solution to the pesky problem created by melted ice in a camping cooler.

The impetus for the design came from Kendrick’s own camping experiences and the continual hassle of having to throw away spoiled food that had grown soggy and/or contaminated in the melted ice water.

Kendrick started drawing up plans for the product almost 10 years ago, he said, but life took him in a different direction. Then, a few years ago he revisited the idea using 3-D printing and recently launched The Cooler Tray™.

The patented design is a simple, perforated tray that users put into the bottom of their cooler before filling it with food and ice. Small legs on the bottom of the tray allow space below it for the melted ice water to collect and remain separate from the food.

“The product solves a lot of those problems dealing with your food cooler,” Kendrick said. “Your food stays clean, it stays dry … and you save a lot of stress from not having to deal with cleaning up a mess and throwing lots of food away.”

The tray also makes the ice last longer. Results have varied, Kendrick said, but he has seen results that suggest ice will last up to 48 hours longer. This is because the ice is no longer sitting in melted water which causes it to melt faster.

The Cooler Tray™ was designed to be universal, Kendrick said, meaning it will fit most brand coolers from Igloo and Coleman to…

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