Innovative New App “Whatsinit?” Quickly, Clearly & Precisely Tells Users What’s in their Food in 12 Words or Less

Whatsinit? available now for iPhone and Android

For the vast majority of people, understanding and deciphering complex and confusing food label ingredients is impossible, and often leads to making eating choices that aren’t aligned with their weight management and wellness goals — or are just plain unsafe and hazardous to their health. Finally, this common problem has a brilliant solution: the innovative new Whatsinit? app from Two Docs Ltd.

Available from the App Store and Google Play at no cost, Whatsinit? uses an extensive and constantly-growing database of more than 25 food categories — including sweeteners, preservatives, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and so on — to help users quickly and clearly understand exactly what’s in their food.

Here’s how the app works: users start by entering any ingredient via keyboard, camera or voice. They can either enter the full word(s), or let the app’s dynamic search function offer predictive suggestions. Whatsinit? then rapidly produces a simple, reliable and concise description in 12 words of less. In addition, each ingredient is color coded: green (widely considered safe), yellow (may cause a few side effects), orange (may cause significant side effects), or red (widely considered unsafe).

If they wish, users can also choose to read a more detailed — but still clear and comprehensible — description that includes aliases (i.e. other names that the ingredient goes by), nutrients and potential side effects. The information that Whatsinit? provides is more comprehensive and complete than what is provided on packaged foods. All content is created by qualified professionals in the food and health industry, and researched exclusively for Whatsinit? — which means that users…

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