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“We are so excited to continue the fast growth we have experienced and to offer our products on,” said Friesen.

Innotech Nutrition, a company specializing in the development and distribution of natural health products, announced its products are now available for purchase on, a popular website specializing in sales of nutritional and fitness products.

Founded in 2001, Innotech has worked hard over the last decade and a half to establish itself as a high-quality supplement developer through its high-quality products it has made for consumers of all types, including workout enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. The company prides itself on its ability to provide products that have therapeutic effects and no artificial sweeteners, sugars or fillers. All of the ingredients the company uses are sourced from reliable suppliers.

“We are thrilled to introduce our products to the customers of,” said Kelsey Friesen, President of Innotech Nutrition. “The Ronnie Coleman name has been a trusted name in fitness and nutrition for many years, and we are eager to reach out to an audience of consumers we have not previously connected with. We feel quite confident that they will greatly appreciate the care and effort we have put into developing clean and effective supplements to improve their overall health and wellness.”

Innotech initially began with a protein shake called BodyFlex AM and a heart health product called CardioFlex Q10. It experienced some significant early success with these products, and after years of rapid growth it now manufactures and distributes a broad range of products and generates millions in annual sales. Its products are now sold at more than 5,000 health food stores and retailers across North America.

Another one of the company’s signature products is Colflex, an oral spray that was specifically designed to treat respiratory tract infections and provide relief from bronchitis-like symptoms. The product helps to put an end to coughing, soothes sore throats, promotes better upper respiratory health and provides relief from laryngitis. The product is used as an expectorant, and has been shown through numerous rigorous tests to be…

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