Innotech Products Now Available for Purchase on

“We are greatly looking forward to continuing our growth momentum by connecting with the customers of,” said Friesen.

Innotech Nutrition, a company that has developed an outstanding reputation as a developer and distributor of natural health products, announced these products are now available for purchase on, a popular website focused on sales of nutritional products of all types.

Innotech was initially founded in 2001, and since has rapidly grown into a highly respected company that creates a wide variety of nutritional products. Its products are designed for everyone, from people taking their first steps in their health and wellness journeys to people who have been workout and fitness enthusiasts for years. All of the ingredients used to develop these products are sourced from responsible, reliable suppliers. They are completely free of artificial sweeteners, fillers and various other additives that could compromise their nutritional value or lead to harmful side effects.

“We are excited to announce our products are now available for sale on,” said Kelsey Friesen, President of Innotech Nutrition. “More people than ever before are focused on using supplements and various other types of nutritional products to improve their health and wellness and to get the most out of their fitness routines. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reach out to an entirely new audience of consumers to help them find products that will allow them to achieve their individual goals.”

Innotech got its operations started with a protein shake called BodyFlex AM and a heart health supplement called CardioFlex Q10. After these products experienced early success, the company began expanding its offerings. It has rapidly grown over the last decade and a half, now manufacturing a very wide range of products and generating millions in sales every year. The company’s products are sold at more than 5,000 health food stores and online retailers based throughout North America.

One additional example of the company’s products is an Australian grass-fed whey protein called NaturePro, which is particularly geared toward athletes. It features vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to…

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