‘Ink Master’ Star Chris Blinston Arrested For Allegedly Strangling Daughter

“Ink Master” alum Chris Blinston was arrested Friday for allegedly choking his 13-year-old daughter, according to a police report obtained by TMZ. Blinston was arrested at 4:00 am in Palm Beach County, Florida, after his daughter claimed she was left struggling to gasp for air after the alleged incident. 

The professional tattoo artist was reportedly brought in on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation. He was released from jail at 2:00 pm Friday after posting a $6,000 bond.

Blinston’s teenage daughter, whose name has remained unidentified, claimed to a therapist that her father had strangled her twice during a custody visit at his house. She said she was left unable to breathe for 10 seconds on the first attack, but the second lasted at least six seconds.

Blinston also allegedly verbally attacked his daughter. She claimed that he referred to as a “mental skank” before choking her out. He then allegedly threatened to cause more harm to her if she notified anyone about the incident.

Blinston’s daughter’s confession to her therapist is what ignited the investigation and eventual arrest. Prosecutors that interviewed the teenager noticed she had marks on her neck that resembled strangulation, according to the police report.

All allegations have been denied by Blinston’s camp. However, he has not publicly commented on the alleged incident. 

Blinston is the owner of No Hard Feelings Tattoo & Piercing in Coral Springs, Florida. The tattoo parlor has earned a 4.9 average rating from 89 reviews. Some of the reviews, however, have singled Blinston out for a job well done.

“Chris Blinston did my tattoo (back piece) in two sessions. Both times he was very caring about how I felt and took breaks when I needed them,” one customer wrote in a June Facebook review. “He was willing to be conversational while he worked which I appreciate because it helped make the time go by quickly.”

Blinston, who has over 18 years of tattooing experience, got his start while serving in the Marine Corps. He secured his first job at a tattoo parlor one year later. Blinston opened his own studio after serving as an apprentice for three years. 

Blinston also competed on Spike TV’s “Ink Master” in 2015, which was during the show’s sixth season. He ended season six in second place to Dave Kruseman, a tattooer from Hagerstown, Maryland, who had two additional years of experience. 

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