Inflammatory Bowel Disease and It’s Types

Inflammatory bowel disease has many types. The most common types are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. All types of inflammatory bowel disease cause chronic inflammation inside the digestive tract. Crohn’s disease affects people of every age, ethnicity and gender. This disease may start at any age though it is diagnosed between 15-30 years of age. Both the genders are affected equally by this disease. In some cases, this disease is hereditary. Nearly 20% patients suffering from Crohn’s disease have some or other blood relative with same disease. Mostly this blood relative is either a sister or a brother. A person with Crohn’s disease has inflamed and irritated intestines. And this inflammation occurs in patches down the digestive tract. Inflammation caused due to this disease affects one or more layer of the digestive tact’s wall. It results in intestines to frequently empty causing diarrhea. Intestines may have sores or swell that can cause pain each time food moves through.  This chronic inflammation stays for a long time and returns time and again. This disease may develop at any location down the digestive tract say from mouth to the anus. Most commonly, it is reported in the ileum and colon. Cases with Crohn’s disease involve small and large intestine. 20% cases exist in the large intestine or colon.

Detecting the disease: The possible cause of this disease includes problems in the immune system, genetic problems, the environment and some types of infections. It is not contagious. You may look for the symptoms like diarrhea and stomach pain in the lower area of the right side, fever and weight loss. In case of the children with Crohn’s disease suffer stunted growth and delayed development. You must know that these symptoms depend upon the age of the affected person, severity of the condition and area that is affected.

Choose the right medication: A licensed treatment of Crohn’s disease is Entocort that is a form of corticosteroid. It…

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