Infidelity In Marriage – Seven Things To Stay Clear Of If You Wish To Survive A Marital Affair

It took them long enough yet at last your mate admitted that they were having a marital affair. The news hit you pretty hard. You had no idea something was going on and in all honesty that’s exactly how it should be. You did not marry this individual so you could spend the majority of your time checking up on them. They like you stood in front of witnesses and swore to be faithful.

Now the real truth emerges that they haven’t been honoring their part of the marriage contract. Your mate is adamant with their apology and asking you to please forgive them. In addition to that they pledge to do everything in their power to repair the trust that has been destroyed due to their philandering.

At this point you have a few decisions to make including do you want to continue the relationship. However to make it through this affair there are some things you would be wise to stay away from.

1. Surrendering Your Self Esteem

The thing your mate has done was dreadful and hurt you greatly. Nonetheless don’t let it ruin your dignity by going to pieces.

They deserve a lot of things however shattering you beyond repair is not on the list. Pray for that strength that you know exists inside of you. This does not imply you can’t have a good cry but do not give your spouse the satisfaction of doing away with your self-esteem.

2. Refusing To Let It Go

It is one thing to ask yourself why your spouse cheated. It is another thing entirely to hold on to it. Your mate has been unfaithful and no matter how hard you try to avoid this there comes a moment when you must come to grips with this simple fact. Too often the victim of betrayal attempts to tell themselves it is just an awful dream and things will return to normal. It will not and the only way to begin the recovery process is to accept this basic reality.

3. Not Deciding Your Next Move

You may need time to digest this kind of unexpected news however you should also start looking at some of your options. You can’t roam around in a state of…

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