Indonesia Earthquake pushes the button of Tsunami Warning

Indonesia’s island, Sumatra has been struck off by a huge earthquake of 8.6 magnitudes along with very strong aftershocks. A tsunami warning has been triggered to the various coasts along Indian Ocean.

The epicenter of the earthquake was the city of Banda Aceh at about 1838 Eastern Time as on Wednesday, and then it is followed by another earthquake with a magnitude of about 8.2, said by the United States Geological Survey.

There are thousands of residents come out on to the streets of Aceh. This city was very near to the earthquake’s epicenter. As in the year 2004, it was hit by an earthquake of 9.1 magnitude resulted from an Indian Ocean tsunami which costs around two hundred twenty thousand lives, and there about one hundred seventy thousand people killed in the Aceh. The earthquake that struck off Indonesian island was also felt at the Thailand. Many tall buildings in the capital of Bangkok swayed. Evacuation orders have been issued in India, Malaysia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

There are no such reports of any damage as well as casualties due to small tsunamis have hit Thailand and Indonesia with having waves around 80 centimeters in Aceh. Tsunami warning postponed by the US seismologists, as they said in a statement that the earthquake has initialized small waves, and no threat of any severe damage is expected from these waves as compared to the tsunami that struck in the year 2004 and last year in Japan. However, here in Ache there were some horrible scenes where people have gathered along with their families and racing towards the streets, with cars and motorbikes occupying the most of the space.

News corresponded in Aceh said, there are number of people who trying to evacuate as soon as possible, and also there are some people who praying and at various schools, teachers were freaking and trying to take children out of the school buildings.


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