Indigo-Clean® Technology Expands to New Lighting Applications

Indigo-Clean Technology

Indigo-Clean Technology is safe for occupants, and it reaches places normal cleaning doesn’t touch. And if it prevents a costly infection, it will more than pay for itself

Kenall continues to expand its offering of white LED luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology (ICT) with the recent introduction of new luminaires for behavioral health and correctional applications, along with three new downlights.

All the new luminaires combine white ambient light with 405nm Indigo light in order to kill harmful bacteria, including Staph*, such as MRSA**, and are part of a growing portfolio of lighting products that Kenall has developed utilizing this exclusive and revolutionary new technology. The 405nm light penetrates harmful bacteria, targeting naturally-occurring molecules within the bacteria to produce intra-cellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Similar to bleach, these ROS create an oxidative environment that kills the bacteria.

Indigo-Clean Technology is now available in MedMaster™ MMAC and SimpleSeal™ HASEDI for behavioral health environments. ICT combined with the traditional features of Kenall’s behavioral health luminaires, such as NSF certification, and anti-tamper/anti-ligature housings, allows treatment centers to help prevent the spread of infections among patients who may also have other health complications.

Likewise, MightyMac ceiling-mount SDSA, SSA and RMC series luminaires, the CC corner mount clamshell and CD corner mount doorframe series for correctional facilities, help prevent the spread of pathogens, including Staph*, such as MRSA** among correctional staff and crowded inmate populations. The luminaires are constructed according to correctional lighting Best Practices and are vandal- and contraband-resistant.

Kenall’s new downlights using ICT are: MedMaster M4DL for operating rooms, MedMaster MDL for other medical applications and Millenium HADL for high abuse environments, such as locker rooms and workout areas. Kenall’s MedMaster is a leading family of sealed luminaires for the healthcare industry with a design focused on easy cleaning and preventing the spread of infection. Millenium high abuse luminaires are constructed with rugged housings and…

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