Indian Scenario in Oral Cancer

INTRODUCTION – Oral and pharyngeal cancers are considered an important part of the global burden of cancer. With about 500,000 new oral and pharyngeal cancers being diagnosed annually, three-quarters of these are from the developing world with about 65,000 cases from India. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) arises in up to 90% of the cases.

 AIM – To review the difference in the patterns of presentations, outcomes, patterns of failure and etiological factors of the disease in India as compared to that in the western world and to determine the prognostic significance of treatments rendered to Indian patients.


When we discuss about how oral cancer affects in Western population and India. Then we can say that in western population where tongue cancer mainly effects Tongue & Foam and the main reason is Smoking and alcohol, Where 65% cases comes under T1-T2 and its effects mainly 40 to 50 years age of people, where SMF has rare but affordable and least burden comes on treating hospital.

 But in India Gutkha and khaini are main causes of Oral cancer. Buccal Mucosa & Alveolus mainly affected Mouth. Where 80% case comes under T3-T4 type of lesion, And it affects young people. In India SMF is too common and continue increasing. And then Oral cancer is become costly and heavy burden comes on patient.


1. Lack of awareness and Low socioeconomic status: Due to lack of awareness and low socioeconomic status mainly in rural Indians, the patients try to bypass the complicated and expensive treatment indicated for cancer. Opting for such claptrap, even patients in whom the diagnosis is made in the initial stages come back only after the tumor grows to a T4 lesion.

 2. Personal habits: Endemic use of oral tobacco available in India in more than 6 forms. Ghoshal S in a study on carcinoma of buccal mucosa observed that out of 100 patients 96 had a history of oral tobacco intake.

3. Myths related to cancer surgery: lead to indulgence in alternative treatments…

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