Indian Passport rules and regulations

The passport is an essential document that is required for International Travel.  In India it is issued by the passport department that functions under the ministry of external affairs. There are set of rules that are applicable to obtain a passport. First condition being that you should be an Indian Citizen.  

When you apply for a passport you need by an application form for a fee from the nearest office dealing with this matter. You can also download a form from passport website on the Internet. This form has to be filled as per the instruction given. Then along with the necessary document you have to submit the documents to the RPO (Regional Passport Office).

There have been many instances of rejection due to improper filling of the form. All documents pertaining to the application have to be submitted with photo copies duly signed. If you fail to do this your passport will be rejected. Hence when you are applying for the passport you have to be very careful. In case of confusion you can visit the RPO and clarify the matter.   

You have to submit photo identity, address proof as well as age proof. Your bona fide may also be check with relatives’ neighbors and friends.  Police verification is the first step and you have to comply with all documents they ask for. In case of a criminal record or pending cases in the court your application may not be cleared.  

Some of the proofs that are acceptable are the voter card, driving license, pan card, UID card and ration card. For birth proof a birth certificate or school leaving certificate can be submitted. An affidavit attested by a competent authority is also acceptable. For address proof electricity or telephone bill can be submitted. A number of colored photographs in a mentioned size is also required to fill the application form. The photographs should be recent and self attested.  You need to carry originals at the RPO for verification. The copies may be required to be attested by a gazetted officer.  A…

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