Independent Total Economic Impact Report Finds that Greenlight Delivers ROI of 96% for Fortune 500 Customers within One Year

Not only is there a significant return on investment in a short period of time, but this solution also empowers financial executives to manage SOX compliance.

Greenlight Technologies, a pioneering leader in risk, financial performance and regulatory compliance solutions, announced the findings of an independent study that analyzed the financial impact an organization experienced when deploying Access Violation Management. This unique software solution enables enterprises to automate Access Controls and quantifies the business impact of financial and operational risks. Greenlight commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study.

Forrester’s interviews with a Fortune Global 100 customer utilizing Greenlight’s solution and their subsequent financial analysis found that the customer experienced a payback period within a year and an ROI of 96%. Prior to deploying the solution, the customer was producing monthly compensating control reports for 14 countries to identify segregation of duties issues. This highly manual process was a drain on people resources to produce the reports and a drain on system resources to download the information.

In addition to the financial benefits, the customer identified a number of other key benefits, including:

  •     A review of 100% of the transactions and correlating them to the users who perform those transactions.
  •     A reduction of applicable user access risks.
  •     90% more coverage of historical data.
  •     Labor savings with headcount reductions in managing data and reporting, compliance, and audits.
  •     90% faster process so business users spend their time reviewing and analyzing current data.
  •     94% reduction in the number of SoD users included in the review due to reporting materialized risks only.
  •     Reduced external auditor fees.
  •     Business process enhancements to facilitate business process changes to reduce risk exposure.

The customer’s Head of Information Security stated, “We went live with Greenlight’s solution in all 14 countries, and the business started to use it quickly; I would say adoption was immediate, as was the initiation of quantifiable benefits.”

“The Forrester Total Economic Impact…

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