Independent Living Aids for Elderly Highlighted in New Harris Communications Brochure

The Reminder Rosie voice recorder alarm clock helps dementia sufferers remember to take medications, complete important tasks.

Dedicated to helping the elderly and their caregivers live life to its fullest, Harris Communications, Inc. has published a new brochure highlighting its independent living aids for the elderly, including dementia aids, emergency alert devices and assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing.

Harris Communications offers many assistive devices for the elderly and their caregivers. Dementia aids include talking alarm clocks that remind seniors to take their medication or attend events, amplified phones with photo speed dial, and day and time clocks that reduce anxiety for memory loss sufferers by helping them keep track of the day of week, month and year as well as time of day. Emergency alert devices include emergency pendants, caregiver pagers, fire alarm clocks that will wake you to fire alarms with a loud alarm, flashing alert and bed-shaking vibration, and amplified emergency phones that automatically call emergency contacts until someone is reached. Harris Communications also offers thousands of assistive listening devices, including personal amplifiers to help the hard of hearing hear conversations better, amplified and captioned phones, and TV listeners that amplify the TV without disturbing others.

Celebrating 35 years of helping the hard of hearing and deaf live life to its fullest, Harris Communications provides more than 2,000 solutions for all levels of hearing loss as well elder care products.

Learn more at, or call 1-877-539-7445 to request a free brochure. A digital copy of the brochure is available at

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