‘Incredible Hulk’ star Lou Ferrigno helps fan suffering from seizure

Lou Ferrigno came to the rescue when a fan was suffering from a seizure.

In a Facebook post published Friday, Frank McAlister wrote he and his son Ted attended the Fanboy Expo Comic Con in Knoxville to meet their beloved superheroes, including the 65-year-old who starred in the 1970s TV series “The Incredible Hulk.”

Ted had his picture taken with Ferrigno before the two spoke with the actor. However, Ferrigno told McAlister Ted was shaking and trying to tell him something that he couldn’t understand. It was then the father realized his son was having a seizure.

Ferrigno quickly cleared his booth as McAlister gently seated his son on the floor. The star then called for medics and stood by the family’s side while Ted received aid.

“When Ted started to come around and started to get up the Big Man reached down his hand and assisted me as Ted stood,” wrote McAlister. “I took Ted to the restroom along with an EMT. Mr. Ferrigno came and insisted that I bring Ted back after he recovered for another picture. Talk about a real life Action Hero! This man is the real deal. It was an absolute honor to shake his hand and a greater honor to say Thank You to a gentle Giant. I pray that God will bless this man and keep him safe and out of harm’s way.”

Ferrigno, who volunteers as a reserve…

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