Increase Mind Power And Enhance Your Brain Functions


The human mind is such a powerful facility that needs only to be enriched in order to bring its full potential.  The mind has a lot of capabilities such as intelligence, talents, creativity, paranormal powers, cognitive abilities and intuition. There can be many ways by which you can increase mind power, as well as enhance your brain functions.  

• Playing games and solving puzzles help put the brain into action.  A difficult crossword or the number game of Sudoku can help increase your mental attention.  Doctors, in fact, suggest that people with problems on focusing to play an interesting video game.  Playing every day for several minutes will help boost the mind’s ability to concentrate on a particular thing.

• Eating brain foods will also help improve your brain functions.  Blueberries can improve the memory function and also reverse age-associated mental problems.  Omega-3 found in salmon can help in developing brain tissue. Flax seeds, almonds, avocados and a lot more foods are recommended in boosting your brain power.  

• Enough rest is also crucial in helping your brain to fully develop.  For this, you need to set up a schedule for sleeping and for waking up. Follow this schedule strictly and by heart.  When your sleep pattern is random and different, your body as well as your brain will be affected.  You need to sleep soundly and restfully so you can wake up the following morning feeling fully recharged.  

• Meditation will also help in enhancing the abilities of your mind.  Meditation seems easy to accomplish, but you may find that it is hard to do.  Find time from your daily schedule of tasks to include meditation in your routine. Choose a place where there are less factors to distract you when you meditate.  

• Imagination also helps increase your mental acuity.  Conversely, what you need to imagine are positive things that will provide good effect on your brain; instead of negative and gruesome imaginations that will only make you less productive. 

• You may also perform learning techniques like mind mapping to increase your brain performance.  A mind map is a scheme that contains all the necessary information required for memorization. Mind maps may be used for studying.  You will be able to store data in your long term memory with mind maps. Mind maps can help supplement the learning method. 

• Speed reading is also another helpful technique on mind power improvement.  In reading, you use your eyes…

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