Incorporate Stability Ball Training into your BJJ Workout

It’s in your best interest to incorporate the stability ball into your exercise routine. A great way to strengthen the core muscles, build coordination, and a fun way to get fit. There are plenty of movements and drills you can perform on the stability ball that will carry over into live BJJ training.

The unstable surface of the balance ball puts a greater amount of stress on the core muscles and makes them work harder to stay balanced. Basically your fixing discrepancies in the various muscles of the abdomen in a highly effective way.

The Swiss ball is a piece of expandable plastic that you fill with air to the desired size. To reach the correct density: less air is not as challenging while more air makes it harder to balance on. Choose a ball that accommodates your height. You can follow the chart below or do the following, sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle for the correct size.

55 cm = 4’11” – 5’4″

65 cm = 5’5″ – 5’11”

75 cm = 6’0″ – 6′ 7″

The stability ball provides many more benefits besides an awesome core workout; it increases the protection from injury by strengthening weak and overused muscles while increasing the range of motion in the hips and knees. It is a great way to train movement and pressure if you don’t have a drill partner.



This exercise performed on the work out ball will build a strong abdomen and back. Start with feet on floor and your elbows on the ball to begin the position. Keep a tight mid-section through out the exercise and maintain a straight back. Work your way up to holding the position for one minute.


Doing a crunch on the stability ball takes the legs out of the equation and makes the abdominal muscles do most of the work. Position the ball under the lower back and cross your arms over the chest. Perform the crunch by curling up and contracting the abs. lower back down to the start position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Ball walk

An easy way to practice using the ball and increase core strength. Sit on the ball and slowly walk both feet forward as your back slides down onto the ball. Once your head and shoulders are supported on the ball, walk all the way back until you’re in the seated position.

Push up

Your hands can be placed on the floor or on the ball to make it more difficult. As with the standard push up, you will be raising and lowering your upper body with a push motion. The difference is that the stability ball activates the whole…

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